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A logo forms the cornerstone of your company's identity, As your logo design is logically the first item to be created in the development of a brand - its applications are widespread and is vital to have it be seen as frequently as possible, this familiarity can be key in making future sales. Logos are visual signatures; they offer a necessity by prompting recognition. Logos create a difference amongst competitors of similar industry. Customers will form a relationship with a brand or company through it's logo by identifying with it. A well designed logo should be instantly recognisable.

Live Ink Media will discuss your product or service in detail, getting an idea of the message that you want your logo design to put forward. We will then determine the ways in which you plan on using your logo, both now and in the future. Once your logo is developed it can be applied to any of the following;


Website Design, Print Design, Advertising, hosting, site-specific photography, social media management, business consulting services & small business bookkeeping.


We are a full service design firm offering:

competitive pricing, payment options & are willing to work with most reasonable budgets.


We believe in those who believe in themselves.



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