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Packages & Pricing


Social Lite

A starter package for small businesses looking to establish their social media presence through ad creation & brand incorporation.


~ 30x Social Posts/mo.
3x Reels/mo.

~ Advertisement Design

~ Incorporated Branding



Buzz Boost

A mid-tier package for businesses looking to step up their social media game with enhanced engagement & analytics.  A great option for those who want a bit more than the basics but don't need all the bells & whistles of a high-end social media package.


~ 40x Social Posts/mo.
5x Reels/mo.

~ Advertisement Design

~ Incorporated Branding



Social Savvy

A premium package for businesses seeking to dominate their niche with cutting-edge social media tactics. Our team will work closely with you to craft a customized strategy that leverages the latest social media trends & tactics to maximize your online visibility & engagement.


~ 50x Social Posts/mo.
6x Reels/mo.

~ Advertisement Design

~ Incorporated Branding

~ Includes Website updates on std. sites




An elite package for businesses ready to become social media powerhouses with full-service content creation & curation, social media advertising, & more.  We'll work with you to identify the services that will deliver the best results for your business and tailor our approach accordingly.


~ 60x Social Posts/mo.
10x Reels/mo.

~ Full Content Ideation

~ Advertisement Design

~ Incorporated Branding

~ Includes Website updates on std. sites + $250 for ecommerce

~ $200/mo. in social media boosts & advertisements


Things to Consider

  • Logo and branding - Recognizability is everything in marketing. You want your audience to remember your brand and have a positive connotation. This is where your logo and your visual identity come into play. Branding can consist of many things, such as typography, a color palette, and imagery.

  • Advertisements - With an advertisement, you convey a certain message and expect (or hope) that your audience engages with it. By performing a particular action, like a purchase or a click. Or at least by reading what you have to say. Good graphic design is essential to get that engagement.

  • Social media graphics - Everyone is on social media, and so should your brand be. It’s a fantastic tool to reach your audience and communicate with them. Posting consistent and appealing content with the help of a professional graphic designer will help your brand in many ways.

  • Web design - People will look you up, and if they do, you better make sure there is a striking website awaiting them. Web design is a skill on its own and usually requires a specialized designer.

  • Print collateral - In this digital age, you’d nearly forget there is something like print collateral. But magazines, flyers, business cards, brochures, stickers, and more are great tools to promote your brand. If they are designed well, of course.

  • Graphic illustrations - A graphic illustration fades the borders between graphic design and art. It’s an artistic way to convey your unique message to your audience.

  • Infographics - Do you have data that you want to showcase in a visually appealing way? An infographic is the answer. Designing an infographic should be done precisely to make all data easily digestible for your audience.

  • Icons - So much to say, so little space? Have a set of icons designed to help convey your message in a short, simple, yet appealing way.

Terms & Conditions

As much fun as this job is... there must be some dull moments as well.  Please see information below for hourly rates, billing periods, annual renewal dates & cancellation policies.


E-Commerce Sites are quoted per each clients needs and business type.  Online stores start at $530/yr + additional fees. Please contact for additional information.

*Annual Domain Renewal - all clients fall under different billing cycles. See above for billing date and renewal schedule for your business. ANY Cancellations must be received in writing 90 days prior to billing date and account must be in good standing with no outstanding balance.*Hourly rates are charged for additional time spent that exceeds the parameters of Annual Flat Rate clients - approx time/cost will be discussed either verbally or in writing prior to starting on a project outside the flat rate schedule. Minimum billing time is 30 minutes.*Google Analytics provides information on domain traffic statistics. Information can be provided upon request.

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